16 June 2013


just  S-Bend on windy day in Castlegregory

                                                                        peace  Luk

10 June 2013

Peter Lynn Escape 9m 2013 review and test in issue 39 of IKSURFMAG

great news from the world's number one Kitesurfing and Kiteboarding magazine online  IKSURFMAG

do you want to test Escape 9 m on Inch Beach ? give me a call
peace Luk

07 June 2013

Kids Power Kite Camp's 2013

                Would like to spend a weekend in a wonderful place  ?

Summer kite camp's 2013 just started

 you can learn with us  kitesurfing ,surfing ,landkite  and skimboarding

If you do not want to sleep in a tent we have also rooms available in the  Waterworld National Geographic Diving Center  in Castlegregory.

rooms with free wifi
rest room
We are equipped with the latest equipment from  Peter Lynn 2013

 During camp participants learn safety rules and how to fly a small training kite
All training courses are conducted by instructors IKO

For  group  training  discount .
looking for interesting ways of spending time? This place is waiting for you

booking and  info: +353872152299


06 June 2013

How much horsepower generates a kite

...during the jump of 12 m height of about 45 m away how many HP can generate a kite ?

in this video you can see that jump at 8:53 sek


I decided to asc Institute of Physics, Technical University in  Wroclaw

this is reply  :

Based on the data provided may attempt to estimate the following:

- Was Mr. thrown to a height h = 12 m,
Therefore it can be assumed that the potential energy you received
Ep = m g h = 10.2 kJ.

Assuming that all the energy gained through the work of the Lord lift (which is not true, because some kinetic energy you have used it, and partly - clearance of the wave), the work can be estimated at
W = Ep = 10.2 kJ.
Again, this is far simplification, because we omit the horizontal component of motion. It is difficult to estimate what was the change in horizontal speed.

Assuming that the erection lasted t = 2 s
You can calculate the average power during the climb:
P = W / t = 5.1 kW.
Which is approximately equal to the power of seven horses.

It is quite thick estimate, which may be subject to considerable uncertainty. I hope I helped a little.

Yours sincerely,

Karol Tarnowski

7 horse power in about 2 sek !!!

 that's powerfull :)

peace Luk