23 February 2013

no wind

no wind for next 5 days but surf is good

cold sess   air 3  water aroud 7/8 degrees Celsius



10 February 2013

Power Kite VOUCHER's 2013 online sale


Looking for a good present for someone close to you?
Why not kitesurfing lessons.

The rules are simple..
You can buy vouchers online by giving us the persons name and surname and we will  print it and we will send it to you.
The vouchers are valid till the end of 2013
There is more then 100 vouchers available.

Please contact me before buying


03 February 2013

After the hurricane Jolly

After the hurricane the wind did not stop blowing in kerry still constantly over 30 knots .Love it Inch Beach - 3.02.2013

Peace Luk