06 November 2012

IKO Level 1

IKO Level 1

Introduction to kites with a look at different types and sizes.Safety rules,self rescue procedure.


Learning becomes ten times easier when you understand 
  how the wing generates lift 
Lift is created as air flows over both surfaces of the kite. The air must flow over an area that has a shape like a wing. When this happens, the air flowing over the top of the wing flows faster than the air along the bottom – this creates a pressure difference.   

 Because of this pressure difference the wing is pushed upwards, which is lift. 

 Rigging up (inflation, connecting lines, harness and how it works).

                    Launching (off the beach).

                                              Landing (on the beach).
                      Basic Flying movement, explanation of the window, etc.

         Getting kitted out (choosing the wetsuit, buoyancy aid, crash helmet).
         Finally body dragging downwind and gaining confidence in the water.

Time: 4 hours

During tranings we use 2 way radios,safer faster more enjoyable !

spots were we kitesurf

View spots map in a larger map

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