09 May 2013

May weekend by Peter Lynn

In firts bank holiday in May we had the opportunity to test the latest equipment  PL 2013 - thank you Peter Lynn

Here is the   Impulse trainer ,wonderful power kite to start
   Safety line  passes through the center of the bar and connects to the trailing edge -  safety system is great . 

fot: Kasia Oziomek

it's very sable in the wind window and predictable

fot: Kasia Oziomek

This magnificent kite to get started with kiteboarding
quality and materials used in construction are at the highest level-highly recommended at the beginning.

Peter Lynn Escape 9 m
This is 4 line SLE  (Supported Leading Edge) kite,what I like in this kite is incredible speed on the sky,deepower is very good ,  center kite not have a  middle strud, this is where the kite produces  most of the power - I found this kite very good for jumps   it's also easy to relaunch.I still waiting for the pictures ..I upload more pic later.

next one to review will be Hornet II

more info in couple days...
peace Luk