25 April 2013

Peter Lynn Kites we have them - 2013

We have great news for you , 4/5/6 we will be testing 2013 Peter Lynn Kites.5 brand new kite's on the way to Ireland for 100 % we will have 2013 Impulse TR trainerkites, 2013 Hornet (4-line all-round) and 2 or 3 2013 Reactors - landkiters they will be happy.If you want come down to Castlegregory these days to try for free

1 x  2013 Impulse TR trainerkites

1 x 2013 Hornet 2m complete

1 x 2013 Hornet 4m complete

1 x 2013 Vibe trainer 1.9

1 x 2012 Phantom 12m

1 x 2011/12 Escape 9m  - I m very happy to have this kite ,here is short video how escape works

kiteloops en jumps Escape 7m, Blouberg, Kaapstad from Eduke de Boer on Vimeo.

1 x Navigator TS control bar medium (for the Twinskins)

1 x Navigator SL control bar Small (for the Escape)
Thank you Peterlynn
peace Luk

24 April 2013

Love it

          Breathtaking video showing the beauty of the Irish west coast
                                                  highly recommended film

peace Luk

22 April 2013

Night buggy sess

Hey kite fans
We have new toy in our team - peter lynn buggy
here is some pic from night sess from Inch Beach

peace Luk