06 November 2012


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                                                                 Gowlane Strand
                                                        30 to 50 knots cross off shore session
                                                       kite : Peter Lynn Swell 6 m 21 m lines
This pic was taken by Martin Nahalka during the big wave session.
       In November 2013 strom of size Europe hits our coast
I was out :)  rider Lucas Machowski 

Marek riding big wave on secret spot

pic:Martin Nahalka

back stage ''SWELL''

 Inch beach winter kitesurfing session during hurricane Jolly who passed by Ireland 2013
fot : Mariusz Kalinowski 

fot :Michał Zagórski

winter 2012

winter 2010 dumps

dumps winter 2009

fot: W.Furmaniak
fot:Martin Nahalka
Gowlane 2009
Summer ventry beach 2009 .on pic Milo 
fot:Martin Nahalka
Here is our movie from 2009 -  2011
Santa claus 2009
Mikołaj 2009 from mrufkaz on Vimeo.
Movie from Trip to Aran Island Inishmore co.Galway

Waveriding from Gowlane Strand

Meeting with the shark- Basking Shark

Movie from Inch beach and Rossbeigh

Movie from Tarifa in Spain - 2008

Firts kiteloop on the highest mountain inIreland  ! :)


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