17 July 2013

Skellig Rock Swim 2013

We did it !
Firts time in history group swim around Skellig Michael Rock 2013 2.8 km open ocean swim
Conditions were amazing ,no wind  no waves and sun.
We wanted to do it last year but the weather was against us here is the video from last year.

In 2013 we are back !
here are some pic

Wyświetl większą mapę
9.30 am Portmagee waiting for the boats
we leave Portmagee at 11 ,around 12.20 pm we arrived on Skellig.15 miles trip.
Our boat was very slow.
On  skipper meeting in Portmagee Tim who is the founder of the swim said: Luk you have to leading the firts swimmer,so I did. On west side of Skellig Rock is the narrow passage between the rocks.
We keep swimmers from the inside so they can choose swim route.
He was the leader from start to finish ,does not surprise me - hi crossed the english channel.
girls also swim ,well done !
arrived firts Brian O'shea time 34.44 sek.
congrats men !!!
I drive boat from Skellig down to Portmagee port, 16 miles crusing on Atlantic ocean - LOVE IT ! 
and relaxing kayaking and fishing :)
great time  I never forget this.
peace Luk

01 July 2013

Strapless session

sun wind waves !

strapless session on new Escape Peter Lynn 2013

this kite is great !  super steady in the wind window,great deepower and fast on sky
I m happy
this was nice on shore sess,now we wait for S W wind and we hit Gowlane Beach

more to come !

peace Luk