26 December 2014

A summary of the year 2014

Let's start from The Winter. Why do I like it ? Because in Winter The West Coast of Ireland is the Wildest place on Planet Earth.  High winds, huge waves in Mystic Scenery creates that feeling in My head - Session. When you are out there you don't think about the world, problems etc. It is complete freedom out there. This is the place where your heart beats harder and you follow your instincts. When your riding big waves you have to be physically and mentally prepared for this, there is no place for mistakes...wrong turns or wrong decisions on the water could cause big problems. Cold dark windy and wet- this is how it looks like here during big storms. It is not about facebook pictures, interviews or fame. What I do I do for myself to improve my style on the water to keep my body fit and strong and what is most important - to feel better. In  January 2014 The  Nanga Dream Team flew my kite in The Himalayas 1899697_273992562759301_876346526_o 1796894_273992909425933_682263200_o Myself and Wojtek we are getting ready for one of the hardcore winter session at Brandon Bay.  Conditions were crazy 35+ knots cross off shore wind and Big Big Swell. IMG_2112 SceneryIMG_7851 IMG_2052 IMG_8181
report from Brandon Bay Session here - link

I always have good fun when I am riding with Wojtek he is a very good wave rider and he drives me to push myself and the most important thing is I can always count on him if I need any help.  Which is the most important thing.

Generally in The Winter Time I score a few big sessions in The Hurricanes and luckily I had no injuries .
My body was in great shape and I was ready for incoming Summer Season.  In May I went to Dublin and for the first time ever I decided to participate in The Battle of The Bay - Kite-Surfing Event organised by Pure Magic.
And I was so suprised with my result.  Second place in my category . 10376339_462859433860410_4089123978502944338_n

This Summer I met a very nice woman called Lina from Madrid in Spain. We had a great time on the beach with the kids from Spain. Weather was beautiful, sunny and nice and windy and we had great fun !

GOPR2629Theory about wind window in local school.

warming up on the beach G0063044
                                                                                    and kite flying.

Many thanks to  Agnieszka Piwowarczyk and AurĂ©lie Carangi for helping me with kids !

During summer I also met Frank, he is only 13 years old and from the age of 5 he started to surf.
In my opinion this is the right age to start Kite-Surfing. Not so long after our meeting I showed him how to fly a power kite but fast we moved to the deepower kite.  After a few sessions with me he is now kitesurfing and I am looking forward to seeing him ridingthe waves.  One day he will be better than me I think All the best my friend !

IMG_0467 Frank in action IMG_0452
 So summer time summer time summer time means for me camping kiting and keeping the kite in the air all the time even if there is 2/3 knots wind this is  how you can do it - thanks girls !
G0212414  great company GOPR1098 DSC_3978_705_NEF G0030529 G0041366 and great fun G0191444 G0533923 Capture-2 Autumn in Ireland is one of my favourite times of the year because the water is still quite warm after summer and there is plenty of waves and wind compared to the summer. Sessions during NE winds and SW swell are the best for me at Inch Beach as I am regular style ( left foot foward) rider.

I ride Peter Lynn Swell Kite - link and I absolutely love it.  It is super stable in gusty conditions and what is most important for me is it creates perfect drift. Please don't think that if you will buy a wave kite you be able to ride waves ... you have to go out for a session, see how this kite is working crash a lot and connect your mind and body to the performance of the kite so everything will be dial in.  Once you do it your session will be great. I am connected to the Swell kite and don't want to change anything.  Maybe one thing... I think the wing tips should be a little bit wider that helps create more drift and more turning speed. But there is nothing wrong with drift and turning speed now, my suggestion is just in my opinion I would like to send to  Peter Lynn if they want to improve Swell 2015 they should make the wing tips wider, A Kite with more square tips will be a more C-shape kite, which creates constant power- more drift.  Wider tips - more turning speed and when the kite is well trimmed it will be sitting further in the edge of the wind window rather then in power zone - that's for sure better for unhook riding. SLE delivers great deepower and a bar with  4 line 350 kg breaking stretch lines  gives me the feeling of full control when I am riding Swell during storms. After over a year of using Swell kites they are in great condition and I am very happy with the quality of materials used to build these kites.

So winter starts again and the Storm Season is  approaching.

My friend bought a jet ski and he will be my safety crew on the water and also as photographer.
Thanks  Paudie Healy !!!

So Who did  I have My last Big Wave Black Swell Winter Session ?

Yes with Wojtek .

We spent 2 days in Co.Kerry few weeks ago during Black Swell Weather,

few pics from December  Strapless Winter Session

IMG_4994 IMG_4996 Image7On the First day of riding we scored a few triple over head waves wind was 30 + my smallest kite was 6  using short lines I was able to stand strapless on the board.  After few hours of riding those waves burned up a lot of energy.  We rented a room in one of the hostels, drying our wet suits and we had a few pints of Guinness  while we were getting ready for day 2. On the morning as usual ...30 eggs in the frying pan with raisins tuna garlic gives us the energy we need.  Day 2 was windier then Day 1. I was totally overpowered and I could not go where I wanted and ride how I wanted to. This was more like a survival session then wave session.
Anyway we had a great time and this was warm up before incoming winter season.

Report for Sieplywa.pl  and  Winter Kitesurf Session - Orkan Aleksandra Gallery

as always thanks to Peter Lynn for your support.

It's  not only about waves and kites.  Last weekend I was part of the very interesting movie project.
I was invited by Kamil Krawczak.

IMG_5927 He is a very talented videographer based in Galway and few months ago he was asked to organise a group of local film makers to shoot  a video project in Galway. This was a story about two brothers, they were separated when they were young and their life's go in two different directions. One became very famous and a rich playboy the other one became a very poor homeless person.  One day they met on the street ... that's all I can tell you.....Director of the movie was  Aisha Tyler      

Well known from Hollywood productions like FRIENDS (TV Show)  , CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

This was an absolutely great experience for me and I learned a lot. As I am moving to the new world of 4 K resolution.

IMG_5908 IMG_5914

It was a pleasure to meet you   Aisha Tyler.

fot Kamil Krawczak

I feel I have started a new journey in video recording and editing and this is where I want to go.

Time to give up kiteboaridng ? Hmm we will see, all depends I don't want to think about this now.

Wishing all of you all the best and a Happy New Year.  I hope 2015 will be good as 2014 or even better.