06 June 2013

How much horsepower generates a kite

...during the jump of 12 m height of about 45 m away how many HP can generate a kite ?

in this video you can see that jump at 8:53 sek


I decided to asc Institute of Physics, Technical University in  Wroclaw

this is reply  :

Based on the data provided may attempt to estimate the following:

- Was Mr. thrown to a height h = 12 m,
Therefore it can be assumed that the potential energy you received
Ep = m g h = 10.2 kJ.

Assuming that all the energy gained through the work of the Lord lift (which is not true, because some kinetic energy you have used it, and partly - clearance of the wave), the work can be estimated at
W = Ep = 10.2 kJ.
Again, this is far simplification, because we omit the horizontal component of motion. It is difficult to estimate what was the change in horizontal speed.

Assuming that the erection lasted t = 2 s
You can calculate the average power during the climb:
P = W / t = 5.1 kW.
Which is approximately equal to the power of seven horses.

It is quite thick estimate, which may be subject to considerable uncertainty. I hope I helped a little.

Yours sincerely,

Karol Tarnowski

7 horse power in about 2 sek !!!

 that's powerfull :)

peace Luk

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