07 January 2013

Nanga Dream Justice for All

Do you remember Klon and  Dr. Czapkins ? They were  our students ,Luk  teach them how to fly the kite.


At the moment they are in Karakorum  Western Himalaya  try to reach the summit - Nanga Parbat 8125.
No one in the world did that in winter.This mountain is a monster,condtions are terrible wind,snow,cold,avalanches...

Luk from Kite-Way is in contact with  Klon by satelite phone ,helping them  upgrate the maps on blog and sending weather reports.Here is a few pic from Klon blog:

fot: Marek Klonowski

camp 1 is set up on 5100,deposit is left at 5500

fot: Marek Klonowski

here is the map which is  upgrade  constantly  

View nanga dream in a larger map

At the moment when I post this they are on the way from Lattabo to ABC trying to reach camp 1.

for more info about expedition visit blog :  nangadream

peace Luk

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