20 December 2013

...meanwhile in Himalayas

 Hello to you all from Base Camp Lattabo.

Thanks to all of you for your support and generosity which has enabled the six of us to get this far.

The Team has climbed to Camp ABC and this camp is set up with supplies.

On the 21st of December if conditions are favourable we will start our expedition.

The Funds you have generously donated have supported us to make it to this stage but due to unforeseen expenses we have had to use the remainder of our funds.

These expenses include the following:  Service from Pindi to Lattabo, a Kitchen in Lattabo. The cost is $25.00 per person so for 60 days this totals $9000.
Also there is an extra expense of $1500 to pay for The Guide who will remain with the Team for the entire expedition.

There are advantages for The Team of having a kitchen at Base Camp in Lattabo, it guarantees us healthy meals and keeps us strong with Team Morale at a high level.

Due to these unforeseen expenses we have incurred we would be eternally grateful for your support to help us make the return trip home.
We would like to take this opportunity to Thank You in advance for your much appreciated support to help us complete Our Expedition

Nanga Dream 2013/14 - relacja nr 1 from Portal Górski on Vimeo.

Nanga Dream 2013/14 - baza from Portal Górski on Vimeo.

This expedition is very close to my heart
Please Support and donate


link to the expedition

btw : They have my kite there ! :)

peace Luk

22 November 2013

Swell teaser

I would like to show you guys my latest video which I was involved.It was recorded in the worst conditions you can imagine.Thank you very much to all who helped me in this project.Full version soon ;)

Just enjoy my ride 




19 November 2013

Wild Atlantic Way Project

With pleasure I wanted to show you a project in which  I have been involved
I am very honored to be a part of it .
A series of films to promote the west coast of Ireland just launched.

You can see the beauty of the west coast of Ireland connection with sports which is kitesurfing.

Another great logo is will be on my board ... right next to Peter Lynn

I would like to thanks to everyone who helped me during my trips travels and filming

It's time for another project now - Swell

more to come

peace Luke

01 November 2013

Big wave strapless session

I had on of the best and biggest strapless wave session yesterday
Big swell hit Ireland

I love it !!!

more to come

peace Lucas

24 October 2013


This is what is coming

Storm size of Europe

Wind up to 100 km/h and 10 m waves this weekend. 

we are going out !

stay tuned 

                                                                     peace Luke

31 August 2013

Peter Lynn Team Rider Profile - Lucas Machowski

I'm pretty stoked with that ... I become Peter Lynn team rider.

PL make kites for land snow and water.That brand is one of the oldest and most trusted brands in the world. They start making kite's  in 1973 .The fastest kite on planet earth is Peter Lynn Vapour read more.I'm kitesurfer snowborder  landborder and  also buggier - great to be part of this kite brand.My mission is to ride waves land and snow with PL kites and also teach people how to fly kite's  in a safe way.

Soon you can see my full rider profile on Peter Lynn

copyrights: Michal Zagorski

fot:Piotr Stepien

night sess at Inch Beach
strapless sess at Dumps Castlegregory

more info soon

peace Luk


08 August 2013

Summer time and plans for september - Costa del Kerry

  Summer in Ireland is beautiful - no doubt the best summer ever !

 pic from costa del kerry from  last week's

new kite girls 
kite camps at Inch Beach
girls in action  :)
freedive time
and kite again  

we love swim
and cliff jumping with brave girls from California
well done !

I'm very excited because next month will be next edition of Valentia Isle Festival
check please video from last year.


                                                            will be nice to see my friends again

ok back to the plans for september

I have very good support from ballinskelligs inshore rescue ,Gearoid is the boss there hi will help me with transport to the Skellig Michael when low pressure hits west coast in September hope this will happen during festival - will be nice

plan is to get there and kitesurf !
 stay tune  ...

peace Luke

17 July 2013

Skellig Rock Swim 2013

We did it !
Firts time in history group swim around Skellig Michael Rock 2013 2.8 km open ocean swim
Conditions were amazing ,no wind  no waves and sun.
We wanted to do it last year but the weather was against us here is the video from last year.

In 2013 we are back !
here are some pic

Wyświetl większą mapę
9.30 am Portmagee waiting for the boats
we leave Portmagee at 11 ,around 12.20 pm we arrived on Skellig.15 miles trip.
Our boat was very slow.
On  skipper meeting in Portmagee Tim who is the founder of the swim said: Luk you have to leading the firts swimmer,so I did. On west side of Skellig Rock is the narrow passage between the rocks.
We keep swimmers from the inside so they can choose swim route.
He was the leader from start to finish ,does not surprise me - hi crossed the english channel.
girls also swim ,well done !
arrived firts Brian O'shea time 34.44 sek.
congrats men !!!
I drive boat from Skellig down to Portmagee port, 16 miles crusing on Atlantic ocean - LOVE IT ! 
and relaxing kayaking and fishing :)
great time  I never forget this.
peace Luk