31 August 2013

Peter Lynn Team Rider Profile - Lucas Machowski

I'm pretty stoked with that ... I become Peter Lynn team rider.

PL make kites for land snow and water.That brand is one of the oldest and most trusted brands in the world. They start making kite's  in 1973 .The fastest kite on planet earth is Peter Lynn Vapour read more.I'm kitesurfer snowborder  landborder and  also buggier - great to be part of this kite brand.My mission is to ride waves land and snow with PL kites and also teach people how to fly kite's  in a safe way.

Soon you can see my full rider profile on Peter Lynn

copyrights: Michal Zagorski

fot:Piotr Stepien

night sess at Inch Beach
strapless sess at Dumps Castlegregory

more info soon

peace Luk


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