25 April 2013

Peter Lynn Kites we have them - 2013

We have great news for you , 4/5/6 we will be testing 2013 Peter Lynn Kites.5 brand new kite's on the way to Ireland for 100 % we will have 2013 Impulse TR trainerkites, 2013 Hornet (4-line all-round) and 2 or 3 2013 Reactors - landkiters they will be happy.If you want come down to Castlegregory these days to try for free

1 x  2013 Impulse TR trainerkites

1 x 2013 Hornet 2m complete

1 x 2013 Hornet 4m complete

1 x 2013 Vibe trainer 1.9

1 x 2012 Phantom 12m

1 x 2011/12 Escape 9m  - I m very happy to have this kite ,here is short video how escape works

kiteloops en jumps Escape 7m, Blouberg, Kaapstad from Eduke de Boer on Vimeo.

1 x Navigator TS control bar medium (for the Twinskins)

1 x Navigator SL control bar Small (for the Escape)
Thank you Peterlynn
peace Luk

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