06 November 2012


1. What is Kiteboarding? Kitesurfing? What's the difference?

Kiteboarding is the ultimate water sport. The speed of water-skiing, the tricks of wakeboarding, the carving turns of surfing, the quiet freedom of sailing, and the jumping and flying that out does them all.

Some people call it Kiteboarding, others called it kitesurfing.
The words are pretty much used interchangeably.

Other Names for the sport.

Wave-kiting: This term generally refers to people kiting with Surfboards.
Kite-Skimming: Kiting with your skimboard. No footstraps, and No fins!

The first time I held onto a one of those monster kites I was instantly hooked, and that was just standing on the beach! Holding onto the power of a kite that big, while watching it float 90 feet above my head was all it took.

Kiteboarding has all the ingredients to maximize the fun-factor.

The gear is simple and compact.
The kite easily folds up to fit into a back pack.
The board is light weight and fits under one arm.
A Harness around your waist, and
a Carbon Control Bar with lines completes the set up.
Ride in light or strong winds,
flat water or waves.
Insane aerial maneuvers or just cruising.

All of this combined with a relatively short learning curve equal "Huge Fun"!!!

2. Where can I ride?

Kiteboarding can be done in all types of areas.
Most Kiteboarders ride in the Ocean, or bays. Others kite in large lakes or rivers.

3. Looks like fun but... I don't live near the water?

I think there's a question in there.

No water... No problem!
Whether you live far from the water. or just prefer to keep dry? You can go kiting on the Grass, Dirt, Sand, or Snow.
Kite with a Mountainboard. called "Kite-Landboarding"
Or ride with your snowboard or skis... "Snow-kiting"
The options are only limited to your imagination.
skateboard, Ice skates, 3 wheeled buggy, or even roller blades.

4. How much wind is needed?

The short answer is 10 knots and up, although it's more fun with more wind.
When you see the photos of people doing big floaty jumps, they are normally in winds of 15 knots or more.
Yes.. it's possible to kite in less than 10 knots ( 8-9 knots or so ) but it requires more skills and can be frustrating. Once the wind gets to steady 12 knots, life is good!
The steadier the wind the better.

5. Is Kiteboarding Dangerous? Why is it considered an Extreme Sport?

YES. It's true, Kiteboarding "can be" very dangerous.
and at the same time if approached with respect the risks can be minimized.

Kites large enough to pull you across the water also have enough power to pull you up vertically. When a kite is held in a steady position it's like a motorcycle revving it motor
with the clutch pulled it. When you quickly move the kite from one position to another
the amount of power generated can be enormous. Much like revving a 1000 cc bike, and
then popping the clutch. Once second its docile, the next ferocious. Anytime you connect yourself to that kind of potential power there are going to be risks.
Begin with a Trainer kite and master your basic kite skills before moving up to a larger kite more powerful kite. Take a lesson, get gear that has current safety features, learn how it all works, and Think before you fly.

6. What Gear do I need?

You'll need 4 things:

Bar with lines

Anything else?

The above are the only things you "need"

You may also "want" to get:

Hook knife: to cut lines should it become necessary.
Wetsuit: for cold water or air temps.
 Life vest or Impact vest

kite way school provide all that equipment !

7.What about the girls ?
What about girls? The more the better! There are many of ladies who kiteboard, and we would all love to see a lot more! :) In general I've found that ladies learn faster than men! ... sorry guys. Ladies are naturally more attentive, and cautious. They pay close attention to the words of their instructor and it shows. Where strength is lacking, a girls skill and finesse can level the field.

8. I m in Killarney for holidays,how to get to the beach ?

Transport from Killarney to the beach is free. Kite way has its base in Killarney.

9.Where can  I stay in Killarney ?

We help to book  accommodation
There is lost of hotels ,hostels,and b&b in Killarney.We recommended  Beauty's Home - this is our kite way lodge.

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